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Europe’s 6 most exclusive ski resorts.

Europe is plagued with resorts that ease us into our skis; today we’re taking a look at six of the most exclusive of these European winter destinations.

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The winter season brings snow with it, which in turn establishes the start of the skiing season, a sport which even today, at the height of its popularity, remains somewhat exclusive thanks to the luxurious destinations skiing frequently embodies.

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    Lech Zurs – Austria.

    Nestled in the heart of the Alps, Lech Zurs is not only the most exclusive spots in Europe but also one of the best ski resorts in the world, and a favourite among European royalty. It’s luxury hotels have footpaths leading to its 12 slopes.

    Lech Zurs – Austria. : Z
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    Engadin - St Moritz – Switzerland.

    During the nineteenth century it became one of the most famous destinations for the distinguished members of society at the time, who would spend their winter holidays by the lake in in St Moritz, Engadin. The ski resort maintains the luxury of yesteryear in its hotels and signature stores, as well as on its slopes and everything that surrounds them.

    Engadin - St Moritz – Switzerland.: e
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    Zermatt - Switzerland.

    Zermatt is famous for having the highest cable car, as well as for the quality of its slopes and the charm and exclusivity of its stores.

    Zermatt - Switzerland.: z
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    Les Houches - Chamonix - France.

    Chamonix lies in the skirts of Mont Blanc, and is comprised of 4 lower valley areas and 4 spectacular high-altitude slopes, one of which is Les Houtes. The hotels and shops at Les Houtes are characteristically luxurious.

    Les Houches - Chamonix - France.: 1
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    Gstaad - Switzerland.

    Gstaad is a symbol of glamour and refinement, an exclusive holiday destination well known to winter sports lovers.


    Gstaad - Switzerland.: g
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    Dolomiti - Cortina D'Ampezzo - Italy.

    Dolomiti Superski area is the world’s largest ski resort, with about 1200 skiable kilometers. Of the 12 areas available we’re sticking with Cortina D’Ampezzo for the exclusivity that we’re after today.

    Dolomiti - Cortina D'Ampezzo - Italy.: D

We’re bringing you la crème de la crème of the many mountainous corners of Europe, with dreamy natural landscapes where the slopes are as spectacular as the towns surrounding them. Even though St Moritz is the first to pop in mind when speaking of such places, there are many more ski destinations waiting for you beyond France and Switzerland; Italy and Austria home some of the most exclusive magical slopes in Europe.

St Moritz is the elite destination par excellence, a timeless classic for the winter holidays of the influential and famous; another Swiss location commanded by its selectness is Gstaad, well known to ski racing enthusiasts after having hosted several official competitions of the highest level; last but not least, and not far behind, is Zermatt, another Swiss corner that boasts the highest cable car in Europe. But let’s jump out of Switzerland now and into Italy, home to one of the most famous mountain ranges in Europe that boasts incredible slopes, the Dolomites; from there we continue to Austria, where exclusivity takes the crown and sceptre in Zurs Lech, a favourite amongst European royals; and back to France, to one of the most emblematic slopes on Mont Blanc, Les Houches.

All in all, six suggestive and luxurious places in Europe where you can ski with the famous and influential.


A compass that pulls us toward those exotic and remote destinations, that someone before you has had the luck of treading.

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