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KEEMALAExperience a tropical wonderland.

Nestled in Phuket’s enchanted woodland, among trees, waterfalls and tropical flora and fauna, rests the luxurious rainforest retreat of Keemala.

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Keemala’s villas pay homage to the island’s local tribes and mythical early settlers with an awe-inspiring design based on everything from opium pods to bird nests. The natural materials used have resulted in the creation of a fantastical Thai fairyland, designed as an extension of the surrounding landscape.

The 38 guest villas, which all come with their own private pool and rainfall showers, are connected to the lobby, four dining venues and the spa by jungle walkways, which seamlessly weave the luxury resort into its surroundings. Guests can choose from four separate styles of luxury accommodation – clay thatched cottages, tree houses, tent villas and bird’s nest villas – each representing a different Phuket clan and reflecting the skills and the way of life of each group.

The 16 clay cottages are inspired by the mythical ‘Pa-ta-pea’ clan, which believed in a strong connection to the Earth, incorporating earth into their walls, roofs, and furniture. Otherwise, for a true tropical experience, stay in one of the seven tree houses, which are elevated from the ground and seem to be suspended from the canopy itself, with streams and waterfalls running between them.

Boasting incredible views, the seven tent villas are inspired by the Khon-Jorn tribe, a wanderer clan made up of adventurous individuals that excelled in hunting and trading. For the ultimate indulgence and tropical immersion, book a bird’s nest villa inspired by the opulent Rung-Nok clan, offering lofty heights and ocean, rainforest and mountain views.

Keemala embraces it’s native Thai philosophy and brings it to life through distinctive design and experiences. Guests can choose from a wide range of soothing spa treatments and holistic programs at Mala Spa, which offers sensory journeys incorporating sight, scent, sound and touch. Ancient and modern techniques are used to help relax and rejuvenate.

The luxury resort hosts a variety of healthy and cultural activities including yoga, Pilates, circuit training, forest tai chi, forest walk, beach walk, aqua aerobics, traditional culinary classes, daily wellness and more. Learn about traditional Maori healing, kinesiology, aromatherapy, and traditional Chinese medicine, or simply lay back and relax to the melodic rhythm of Thailand’s rainforest.

Whatever the occasion, Keemala’s tropical charm will restore your belief in fairy tales.


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