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Travel OrgNot all those who wander are lost.

Designed in Britain, the Travel Org is an all-in-one, luxury travel assistant made to meet specific design needs.

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Let’s face it, travelling to your destination can get pretty stressful, one minute you think you had your boarding pass on you, but the next minute it’s nowhere to be found. The dread of losing a passport or a ticket, especially when having to organise your family’s travel documents too is sometimes simply too much. We have found a solution to relieve you of all that responsibility and stress, and give you peace of mind during your travels from here onwards.

Designed in Britain, the Travel Org is an all-in-one, luxury travel assistant made with soft leathers, durable zips and custom inserts to meet specific design needs. The filing system is chic, practical and looks a lot better than that plastic wallet you have been cramming everything into on the morning of your flight.

I realised there was a gap in the market and an opportunity to turn my dream into a reality, not just for my travels but for anyone who travels frequently and likes to be organised”. – Angela Collyns

It’s so much simpler now, all you have to do is place all of your necessary travel paraphernalia in your Travel Org for them to be easily accessible and that’s that! The Travel Org is the result of practical thinking and original design. It’s made up of carefully labelled sections for every indispensable item you may need to travel with, including a separate section for your keys, home and travel currency, credit cards, documents/tickets and an expandable section specifically for passports and boarding passes.

Angela Collyns was inspired to create the Travel Org while wandering the Calli and Campi of Venice. She needed a practical all-in-one organiser for her son, one that was stylish and simplistic but could not find a product that suited her needs. Together with her family they decided to create The Travel Org.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure the Travel Org is an absolutely indispensable accessory that will make all of your trips effortless and enjoyable. It also makes a brilliant gift to yourself or to a loved one in need of a bit of structure and organization before the summer holidays kick in.



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