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SipaBoardA smart paddle-board for summer fun.

SipaBoards are here to include more people and open up a fun, popular, low-impact sport to an even broader audience.

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With summer around the corner, water sports arrive to settle amongst us for a few months. In the last years, Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has become one of the most popular sports in every waterfront. Yet paddling is not as easy as it looks, especially for the inexperienced enthusiast. With this in mind, the Slovenian brand SipaBoards has created a board that gets you out on the water faster, and keeps you having fun for longer.

With a total dimension of 11 ft (335 cm) long, 31 in (80 cm) wide, and a total of 240 litres of volume, it is the ideal board for paddle-boarders lighter than 90 kgs; although it will easily accommodate people up to 102 kg. For extra durability every SipaBoard is made with extremely durable double-layered PVC material, making the board practically rock-hard. Thanks to the Drop Stitch technology, which consists of thousands of polyester filaments, the two layers are held together.

Basically the SipaBoard is a cross between a traditional inflatable SUP and a Wavejet. The actual heart of every SipaBoard is the SipaDrive, a jet propulsion engine with an integrated compressor, that will pump up the board in less than 5 minutes. The electric motor is controlled wirelessly by two buttons located on the paddle and with 5 different settings that will take the SUP up to a speed of around 3.5 knots. For safety reasons, if the paddle falls in the water or is separated from the motor more than a few feet, the motor will automatically stop.

The jet propulsor is built inside the board, so even when the engine is off, drag won’t be a problem. Fully charging the battery will take around 90 minutes and will provide up to 3 hours of fully assisted cruising  A plastic housing protects and seals the engine and the electronics, making it almost inaudible. And because it is emission free, you will be able to take it to protected waters.

If you want to sail the waters with the ease of a “pipa”, which for your interest is the Slovenian word for cuttlefish, do not hesitate and head over to the Kickstarter campaign, you have until the end of May to get a special after-kick offer!

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