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Meijs Motorman Join the electric revolution with this retro beauty.

Motorman is the Dutch-designed electric "moped" that's become the fashionable green machine for daily commuters.

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Over half of the world’s population lives in cities where traffic jams prove to be the constant commuters nightmare. To help these rush hour victims, Dutch designer Ronald Meijs has fashioned a retro-styled green machine in the form of an electric moped which, since its release not that long ago, has already been spotted all over Europe. Commuters can now lower their carbon footprint without breaking a sweat.

With brilliant industrial design and classic motorcycle traits reminiscent of old 1915 Harleys – balloon tires, beefy tube frame, low-slung gas tank holding the batteries, oversized headlight, and spring-mounted leather seat – the Motorman may fit the legal description of a moped but it has no pedals and boasts of a fully electric drive, no human power required.

The “fuel tank” holds a lithium polymer battery, an ideal choice for light electric vehicles due to its high power density rating, this basically translates to a range of 43 miles, a top speed of 28 mph and a charging time of 6 hours. The Meijs Motorman comes in two models: one that can run at 16 mph and a faster one that can do up to 28 mph. Both are powered by a brushless direct-drive hub motor, paired with a 48-volt LiPo battery that can keep the bike running at up to 62 and 43 miles for the slower and faster models, respectively.

Weighing less than half the weight of a typical moped, at just 99 pounds the Motorman is easy to balance and manoeuvre through jammed streets. Easy to steer with a smoother ride than a bicycle, the drive is easy and comfortable: if you can ride a bike, you can ride a Meijs Motorman. The electric moped is also maintenance-free and economical to operate, costing less than two cents per mile.

Meijs sustains that while his classy two-wheeler is intentionally environmentally friendly, customers are attracted as much to the classic lines of its vintage appearance as the zero-emission technology. “People smile when they see the Motorman on the street,” says the Dutch designer. “They love it because it transports them back to a time when life was easier and less complicated.”

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